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The Green Bay Packers placed a second-round tender on tight end Robert Tonyan yesterday. Tonyan burst onto the scene in 2020, tying Travis Kelce for a league-leading 11 touchdowns by a tight end. Obviously, the Packers would love to have Tonyan back in the mix in 2021 and moving forward, but they also find themselves Wholesale Green Bay Packers Jerseys up against the cap. Tonyan was a restricted free agent, allowing the Packers to place the second-round tender on him, assuring that even if he ends up somewhere else, Green Bay will get a return.

Tonyan was given ample opportunity in 2020, in large part due to the injuries of Jace Sternberger and Josiah Deguara. What he did with the extra workload had to be a pleasant surprise. He finished the year with 52 catches on 59 targets for 586 yards. It was a sight for sore eyes; the Packers have long been trying to find a permanent fixture at tight end after free-agent signings like Jimmy Graham and Martellus Bennett didn’t pan out. Tonyan became a mainstay in Matt LaFleur’s offense and Aaron Rodgers developed trust with the sure-handed pass-catcher as the season went along.

Because Tonyan was a restricted free agent, any team can offer Tonyan a contract but the Packers will get an opportunity to match it. By placing a second-round tender on him, if someone offers Tonyan a contract and the Packers don’t want to match it, they will get that team’s second round pick.

You may think that offering Tonyan a hefty contract and having to give up a second-round pick on top of it is not much of a bargain. But it’s difficult for other teams to determine what type of contract Tonyan would sign that the Packers would also pass on.

Tonyan’s upside is obvious. He’s 26 years old, coming off a very solid season where he proved he can run-block and has very reliable hands. He’s a good route runner for his position and he brings a little edge to the field with him. But there is some concern that last year was an anomaly. Tonyan could be a product of the system in Green Bay. Maybe a lot of tight ends could be plugged in and replicate the numbers he had. While we obviously don’t know for sure one way or another, what can’t be shrugged off is the athleticism and pure talent Tonyan put on display every Sunday.

Tendering Tonyan sets up a win-win scenario for the Packers. If someone else offers Tonyan a lucrative deal, Green Bay has the right to match it or let the tight end walk and receive a second-round pick. It’s a fairly lofty return given how coveted draft picks are in the NFL today.

Many fans wanted Tonyan back, and it’s hard to blame them. He was a spark plug in an offense that needs to keep surrounding Rodgers with options. If Tonyan goes elsewhere, the Packers get the pick, but there’s no guarantee they would use said pick to draft a tight end or another weapon for the offense.

Green Bay came so close last year, tripping up in Lambeau Field in the NFC Championship. Their best bet may be to run it back with as much of last year’s cast as possible while trying to supplement some of the glaring needs elsewhere. Rodgers has familiarity with Tonyan, and there is a growing relationship between them. We’ve learned throughout Rodgers’ tenure under center that it takes time for him to gain trust in his pass catchers. It’s harder to start from scratch.

There’s a chance nobody offers Tonyan a contract. The price tag and the pick may be too much for anyone to flirt with, and Packer fans would love to see him stick around for a long time. But what Green bay did yesterday was expected and provides them insurance in case things head in the other direction.

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If the Green Bay Packers want to get over the hump and reach the Super Bowl this year, they will have to address the WR2 position. Giving Aaron Rodgers another reliable pass catcher behind Davante Adams would open the offense. At the end of the 2019 league year, many Packers fans figured management would fill the position in one of three ways:

The first option would have seen rare free-agent signing Devin Funchess seizing that role and providing some consistency for Rodgers and the offense.
The second option was to hope undrafted fan-favorite Allen Lazard would break out for his third year in the green and gold.
The third and perhaps most obviously effective order of business would have involved Green Bay selecting at least one wide receiver Wholesale Green Bay Packers Jerseys in the early rounds of the highly praised 2020 draft.
Of course, none of these visions panned out. Funchess opted out of the season due to COVID concerns. Lazard picked up an abdominal injury during the season and never quite found a rhythm when he returned. Most notably, and much to the chagrin of the fan base at large, general manager Brian Gutekunst opted to pass over the WR position in the 2020 draft completely. This decision left many questions about whether or not Green Bay would be able to surround Rodgers with adequate talent before his patience with the franchise wears thin enough to force his way out of town.

Fortunately, the players on the current Packers roster provided serviceable positional play up until last season came to a heartbreaking but predictable end at the hands of Tom Brady. Defensive woes aside, many fans quickly started asking the same questions that they did in the 2019 offseason: Who will step up and become a consistent WR2 for Aaron Rodgers?

Much like in years past, the front office seems to believe that the answer to this question lies on the current roster. The Packers have a penchant for sticking with and developing homegrown talent, and many signs point towards one player emerging from the slew of middling WR production behind Adams.

Of course, I am asking that Packers fans place their trust in none other than…


I know, I know, I know, I know, I know.

Valdes-Scantling didn’t exactly endear himself to Packers fans this last year, at least not consistently. Few players elicited such polarizing reactions during the 2020 season, ranging from God-killing pride to This dude wouldn’t make it on a D3 squad disappointment.

For every eye-popping touchdown grab that MVS would catch, it would either be preceded or followed by a drop so unforgivable that it would unite NFL fan bases across the country in their quest to meme the play to death. There is a reason I am linking his highlights and not his lowlights. Believe me, I am acutely familiar with the Valdes-Scantling roller coaster.

However, beyond the maddeningly inconsistent play lies a player who reminds many diehards (like myself) of some of the most popular receivers of the Aaron Rodgers era. Green Bay seldom brings in outside help for its WR core; instead, it chooses to build upon the players it drafts for its system. These draftees are often allowed the opportunity to blossom around their third or fourth years, and the franchise is consistently rewarded for its patience with these players.

Take, for example, Davante Adams, who is now unquestionably a top-three receiver in the NFL. He wasn’t always this good. In fact, many pundits across the league were writing him off as a draft bust after his first few years:

It’s still extremely early, but someday the 2014 draft might be discussed as glowingly for its wealth of wide receivers. Unfortunately for the Green Bay Packers, they seemed to be one of the teams to swing and miss. … Meanwhile, a bevy of players taken before Adams, such as Tampa Bay’s Mike Evans, the New York Giants’ Odell Beckham Jr., and New Orleans’ Brandin Cooks, have had remarkable starts to their careers. Others taken after Adams such as Jacksonville’s Allen Robinson, Miami’s Jarvis Landry, and Arizona’s John Brown have also played much better than Adams. (via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

On a statistical level, this skepticism was certainly fair at the time. Adams’ first two seasons were plagued with middling productivity and back-breaking drops. Even Adams’ third season, where he nearly eclipsed 1,000 receiving yards for the first time in his career, was fraught with a level of inefficiency that drew the ire of Green Bay fans — fans who were desperately clamoring for anyone besides Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb to step up.

If we take a look at Valdes-Scantling’s stats over his first three seasons in the NFL (and squint just a little bit), we can certainly see some similarities between the two players:

For one, they both showcased durability over the course of a 16-game season. While Adams’ catch percentage is certainly higher than Valdes-Scantling’s over their first three years, we can see how MVS was able to create the most of his opportunities in his third year, having career highs in receiving yards, yards per reception, touchdowns, yards per game, and catch percentage — all categories that Adams also had career highs in during his third year in the league. Each of these players is trending upwards, and that bodes well for MVS’s role within the Packers’ offense moving forward as he continues to get comfortable and build rapport with Rodgers.

There is also a knack for Green Bay pass-catchers at large to figure it out in their third and fourth years playing for the team. Jordy Nelson had his breakout year in 2011, his fourth year with the Packers. Robert Tonyan had a career year this past season, which was his third year with the squad. Even Donald Driver was a bit of a late bloomer, not coming close to sniffing 1,000 receiving yards in a season until his fourth year playing at Lambeau with Brett Favre.

Now, I must clarify: I do not believe Valdes-Scantling will reach the heights of players like Davante Adams and Jordy Nelson. MVS plays a different offensive role than Davante and Jordy as a big, athletic field-stretcher. That role is not likely to change, though I am advocating for the Packers faithful to practice patience with a player who was thrown into a much larger role than he was prepared for this last year.

There is enough evidence to suggest that, when put alongside Rodgers’ trust and Green Bay’s propensity for sticking with drafted players, MVS will take yet another leap and serve as a bonafide WR2 in this offense. MVS has proven that he has the ability to take the top off of the defense in any given game. If he can clean up some of his mental errors and catch the ball at an even marginally higher rate, he will be able to have a more productive year working behind Davante Adams as a potential WR2 option.

For those who have stuck with Green Bay all these years, it’s understandable how watching Marquez Valdes-Scantling conjures up feelings of frustration. Seeing yet another Packers receiver drop a high number of passes isn’t exactly a recipe for viewer satisfaction, nor does it ease concerns that Rodgers may one day grow tired of the lack of talent surrounding him. However, if the fans can have a bit more patience and R-E-L-A-X, we will see the homegrown talent step up in a big way this upcoming season.

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Wide receiver Equanimeous St. Brown will be entering the last season of his four-year rookie contract in 2021. After a string of unlucky injuries and setbacks, he still has a chance to break out before hitting free agency. But the Green Bay Packers might also be looking at wide receivers in this year’s draft because it’s another solid class of talented receivers.

One option for Green Bay would be St. Brown’s own brother, Amon-Ra St. Brown.

Amon-Ra would be a young slot receiver option and possible punt returner, while Equanimeous would get to play and mentor his brother. Competition for playing time might help motivate him during a crucial year.

It would be a win-win for the Packers. With pick 58 and Amon-Ra projected to go around 55-60, they are in a perfect spot if they are interested in him.

After three years as part of an elite wide receiving corps at USC, Amon-Ra enters the draft with 16 touchdowns, 2270 yards, and 178 receptions in his college career. He only played in six games in 2020 but scored seven of those Cheap Green Bay Packers Jerseys From China touchdowns and had almost 500 yards. He broke out in his sophomore season with 77 receptions, 1,042 yards, and six scores.

His last game for USC was on Dec. 18th of last year, a 31-24 loss to the Oregon Ducks. But Amon-Ra played well in his final game, reeling in five balls for 74 yards and a touchdown, including a 47-yard reception.

He was a five-star recruit out of high school and had more than 25 scholarship offers before deciding to stay in his home state of California, playing a half hour from where he grew up.

St. Brown was used primarily as a slot receiver in college, which the Packers need right now. They have their WR1 in Davante Adams and their Hail Mary/downfield option with Marquez Valdes-Scantling. He would be a great addition to his brother and Allen Lazard.

He isn’t known for his speed but has great breaks and agility for the slot. He is still considered to have top-tier speed, and most experts have given him a complete draft profile with little downside. As stated earlier, he is also a good candidate as a kick or punt returner. If there is one thing the Packers need right now, it’s for special teams to step up and make some plays.

It’s hard not to cheer on Equanimeous and hope he has an amazing 2021 season. He’s been extremely unlucky in his NFL career, and hopefully he can stay healthy the last year of his rookie contract.

A sixth-round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft out of Notre Dame (207th overall), he played in 12 games during his rookie season, finishing with 21 receptions and 328 yards but no touchdowns. However, he had a crucial catch in October against the San Francisco 49ers, leading to Mason Crosby‘s game-winning field goal.

That year, St. Brown and MVS became the first rookie duo in team history to have more than 20 receptions with an average of 15 yards per catch.

In 2019, Equanimeous suffered a season-ending ankle injury in the preseason and was out the entire year. He had another short injured-reserve stint between September and October in 2020, but he got to play 12 games, recording 445 yards, 28 receptions, and a touchdown. He also brought us this great meme when a Chicago Bears defender pushed him into their sideline and he decided to take a seat.