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That Mahomes is in the MVP race is no surprise. He was the MVP in 2018 and the Super Bowl MVP in 2019. At BetMGM, he was the preseason favorite at +400. Mahomes remains the favorite, his odds shortened all the way to -250. No matter the price, the bets have been on Mahomes with 27 percent of the money.

Jordan Love Jersey

That Rodgers is front and center in the discussion is a major surprise. Coming off subpar seasons in 2018 and 2019, he started the year well back in the pack at +2500. Rodgers’ odds have shortened considerably, too, to +200. He’s collected just 6 percent of the money.

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“You know, it’s nice to be back in the conversation,” Rodgers said. “Like I said the other day, it’s been a good year for State Farm reps. Pat’s such a phenomenal player. He’s had a great year, as well. It’d be something that’s usually on the preseason goal list and it’s nice to be in the conversation.”

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Among the nine multiple-time MVPs, the longest gap between awards belongs to Brady and Brown at seven years. Brady won his second in 2010 and his third in 2017. Brown won his second in 1958 and his third in 1965. Rodgers, who won his second in 2014, would have a six-year gap.

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Rodgers scoffed at the notion that the team’s first-round selection of Jordan Love gave him a motivational kick in the rear. Rather, as he’s done before, he pointed to Year 2 in coach Matt LaFleur’s system and something he saw watching some old film.

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Everything came together early in training camp with one play that Rodgers singled out on Wednesday.

“I remember almost the throw that for me just kind of turned everything for me in training camp,” Rodgers said. “It was a read stop, about a 20-yard route, and I came up off a fake on one hitch and threw a laser to Marquez, I believe it was, on my left side. That to me gave me a lot of confidence that the things I was thinking about and working on and visualizing could come to fruition.

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“Now, you never know once the live bullets start going how you’re going to play, but I think as far as training camp goes, that was an important day for me. And a lot of things changed for me as far as my balance, my rhythm, my timing going forward. It may be surprising to hear that one throw could do that but, a lot of times, it’s just something little, whether it’s in your personal life or professional life that can kind of take you on a new course trajectory. That throw that day was that for me this year, and gave me a lot of confidence moving forward that the work I was putting in and the things I was thinking about in training camp could really translate to the regular season.”

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Join Green Bay Packers wide receiver Allen Lazard as he co-hosts Clubhouse Live, USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin’s live and virtual weekly Packers show Monday at 6:30 p.m. Lazard’s guest will be quarterback Jordan Love!

They’ll look back on the Packers’ Week 12 showdown against the Bears and give you a glimpse into their lives away from football through a fun and interactive discussion with co-hosts Brett Christopherson and Ricardo Arguello.

If you have questions during the show, you can ask them in real-time in the chat above.

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